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Websites that generate leads while you sleep!

Why is web design, SEO & content critical?

Most people search online before they make a buying decision. Visitors from search are proactively seeking answers to their sales queries. Your website has to rank in the top 3 of organic search results or it's leaking sales leads to your competitors.

Design for your users first

Follow a goal centered website design process that incorporates your target users requirements into the heart of the new design.

Embed SEO quality guidelines into the design

Fifty key SEO ranking factors need to be embedded into the taxonomy (information classification) of the website. This is a critical phase. We use a unique methodology that ensures the key features of the new design are not impeded by the SEO requirements.

Content that persuades action

Web content needs to be unique, persuade users towards completing a goal and boost your SEO rankings. Web content is a crucial enabler of your website success though is often overlooked.

SEO Tip #4: use a SEO friendly platform

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